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Postgraduate Studies as the Next Step

  • Chrystal Macmillan Building, Seminar Room 1 (map)

PIR is organising this series of career events specifically for final year MA PIR (single and joint honours) students. It is designed for students who are thinking about working in one or several of these sectors and professions as well as those who already know what they will do after graduation but would like to keep an open mind. All our guests will be asked to share their personal career story and some practical advice with you. This year, the invitees include a number of PIR alumni. The setting for these talks is relatively small and the atmosphere informal, so as for you to get the chance to ask questions during and after the talks:


Alasdair Keane, Freelance Broadcast Journalist (MSc at Cardiff’s School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies).

Kathie Pollard, Development Officer, Lothians and Fife Green Network Partnership (MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society at the University of Edinburgh).

Anthony Salamone, PhD student, LSE MSc, MA (hons) at the University of Edinburgh.

Ewan Stein, Senior Lecturer and Postgraduate Advisor