Our Executive Committee 2017-2018

President:                               Berman Zhigalko

Berman is a 4th year International Relations student. As President, Berman is responsible for the overall direction of the society and management of its initiatives. His goal is to ensure that EPU is a prosperous community that aims to help its member develop. 


Vice-President:                       Emma Doyle

Emma is a 4th year studying IR and law. As VP, Emma is responsible for coordinating events, co-hosting the political debates and ensuring that EPU runs as smoothly as possible together with the President. She looks forward to getting to know all new members next year!


Leviathan Editor in Chief: Barbara Wojazer

Barbara Wojazer is a 4th year Politics and Russian student, and Leviathan’s Editor in Chief. She is excited to come back from Russia to work on improving Leviathan. She wants the journal be a catalyst for new ideas and theories.

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Secretary:                                       Nick Siegrist

Nick is a 3rd Year International Relations student originally from Frankfurt, Germany. Having been Social Secretary last year, he is taking on the role of Secretary this year, making sure the Society runs smoothly and handling the organisational tasks, as well as answering your emails                                                                     


Social Secretary:                           Hana Gallego

Hana is a 3rd year International Relations student and EPU's new Social Secretary. She's very excited to work with the new committee to create a wonderful community atmosphere through fun and creative socials.                                            

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BaCKbench Radio Co-host:      Zoe Fillingham

Zoe is a 3rd year Politics student and a co-host of EPU's radio show, the BackBench. The show airs on Fresh Air Radio, Mondays at 1pm.



Treasurer:                                       Sanjna GIrish

Sanjna is a 2nd year International Relations student who is from Bangalore, India. With a keen interest in issues of international development, she hopes to work in development policy. Sanjna also enjoys visiting second hand book stores, napping and ranting to people about a variety of topics, like any typical Politics student. 


Director of Communications:     Rachel Lonie

Rachel is a 3rd year Politics student and Director of Communications for EPU. She is responsible for the society's social media output and the EPU website and she is really looking forward to working with the team this year.

Director of Outreach:                 Michael MALVENDA

Michael is a 3rd year Law and International Relations student from Chicago, USA. He is responsible for organising sponsor relations and linking external parties to the EPU and its student body. By taking on the new position of Director of Outreach, Michael endeavours to establish a variety of fruitful relationships that pave the way for the EPU going forward.


First-Year Representative: Conlan ellis 

Conlan is a 1st year International Relations student from Oregon, USA. He is looking forward to working with the committee this year and meeting new members.

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Deputy Editor in Chief:                 Bernhard JUREVICIUS

Bernhard is a 3rd year English Literature and Language student working with Leviathan as its Deputy Editor in Chief. He has worked with the journal since first year, starting out as a writer, then becoming a Regional Editor in his second year. His particular field of expertise in terms of politics is Information and Digital Communications.


Leviathan Treasurer:               Maria Gharesifard

Maria is a 4th year Politics student. As the Leviathan Treasurer, Maria will take care of the Leviathan’s finances and help fundraise for the production of the journal. Her goal is to broaden the reach of the Leviathan and attract students from all academic fields.

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Backbench Radio Co-host: Saffron Swire 

Saffron is a 3rd year Politics student and a co-host of EPU's radio show, the BackBench. The show airs on Fresh Air Radio, Mondays at 1pm.