PIR PALS is an academic support network supported by the School of Social and Political Science and Edinburgh Political Union.

PIR PALS will be running study sessions for new students in Politics and International Relations. These will give you the chance to discuss topics from the IPIR and any questions you have about studying and the course with other students in your year and with the PIR PALS student leaders.

These student leaders are a selection of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year PIR students who have been through it all already, so are well prepared to facilitate discussion and help you out where needed. The sessions run every day, so everyone can find a time which they are able to make.

PIR PALs is a great way to get to know other students on your course, improve your grades, and gain confidence in your university career – so come along!

Schedule 2017-18


Day                               Monday                        Tuesday                             Wednesday                          Thursday

Time                            1 -2 pm                           1-2pm                              1-2pm                                 1-2pm

Location              2.1 Appleton Tower        2.1 Appleton Tower          2.1 Appleton Tower            2.1 Appleton Tower  


PIRPALS runs from Week 2 to Week 11. Special Essay and Exam sessions will be announced closer to the time.


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